ART Collection

The designer wanted to celebrate with this collection the works of art that enrich our lives with beauty, that make the style images in which we have recognized ourselves, we recognize and will recognize ourselves, endure over time. 

Joyful colors and materials, shapes that vary from rounded to geometric, heels developed for every occasion make this collection a “Passepartout”. 

And rest assured that there will be no eyes except for your Arturo Gorlini.


€ 412


€ 324


€ 365


€ 345


€ 324


Sandals are the celebration of warmth, light and energy that only summer can give us. 

And with certainty the Arturo Gorlini sandals will envelop you with their intriguing originality, the most refined colors and materials, they will be the most beautiful jewel of any ceremony, the touch of class of the gala evening, the strong point of all your outfits and they will illuminate your every step.


A model that never goes out of style is the pump: an elegant and refined woman’s shoe that combines with classic, modern and bold looks according to the wearer’s style, making it the must-have of every feminine wardrobe. In this Arturo Gorlini accessory, design and character unite to give life to a shoe that highlights the personality of the wearer, giving light and unique style.


€ 365


€ 385


Originally famous for its simplicity, Arturo Gorlini offers a new version of the sabot. Maintaining its original characteristics, the sabot takes on very feminine connotations presented on comfortable and urban heels and enriched with bright accessories and modern graphics that make it the excellent compromise between comfort and refinement par excellence.


€ 324


€ 375

The Arturo Gorlini women’s footwear collection is a expression of class and elegance, the result of luxury craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details that features the creativity of the designer who uses boldness and innovation to produce lines of products conceived to fulfil the needs of elegant, self-confident, resourceful women who know themselves.

The elegant women’s shoes by Arturo Gorlini are strictly Made in Italy, created with the highest quality materials and are comfortable and fashionable, perfect for any occasion.

All of the footwear show the technical and artistic skill of the designer who has always created shoes with passion and commitment that narrate the feminine world, its strengths and its values.

The manufacturing and production of Arturo Gorlini women’s shoes traces the tradition of generations past and represents the typical excellence of Made in Italy. The selected materials are the result of a long and careful research process to offer women the best footwear of style and elegance. Visit our online catalogue and find the style best for you!