Arturo Gorlini: the designer behind the brand

Arturo Gorlini is an Italian brand of women elegant and luxury shoes with an Italian production: all the creative and productive process are made between Vigevano – the footewear capital of the world – and the production district of Campania, in South Italy.
Arturo Gorlini brand is named after its designer who, thanks to his expertise in the Italian footwear branch and the education at the “Shoe Designer School” in Vigevano, put in the collection his talent and creative boldness.
Our collection of elegant women shoes are a journey into the Italian artisanal world where, thanks to details and colors, an item became a real masterpiece. 
For Arturo Gorlini the creative process starts with an idea that ends with the real production.

How does Arturo Gorlini’s elegant women shoes are born

The production journey of the elegant women shoes starts with an inspiration that gives to Arturo Gorlini the idea for the development of an Italian shoe. Than the idea became an handmade sketch: this is the first step to understand if the idea can be real. Once the sketch satisfies the designer, it’s time for the style choices such as the type of the shape, the heel and its line, the material and the details.

The women shoes production as it was once

Those are the real production steps, made by the traditional artisanal work as it was once: the plastic shape – selected depending on the selected characteristic – is covered with a special paper lo ensure Arturo Gorlini the possibility to draw the shape and the details of the model in order to have the first 3D version of the shoe.
This is very important for the first testing before the real production.
Then all the pieces required for the production are made by the modelling department: the sketch is redesigned in 2D version and the pieces are placed of the form to create a real 3D model.
If the result satisfies the designer, the pieces go to the cutter that cut the raw materials in pieces.

How does it end

Once the raw materials are cut, the hemmer sews them on behalf Arturo Gorlini’s direction. Once the upper is made, the women’s elegant shoe is ready for the assembly step, by hand or machine depending on the models.
The assembly cycle has a strict iter: the form first, than the insole tacking for the upper positioning, and in the end the toe and the back.